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Mahoni Buku BSE App Installed Base Reaches New High In Education Ebook App in Indonesia

There is one informal study that show only about 1.8% people give review out of the app they downloaded and used. Why so low? Well in general people are shy, lazy and worry to give feedback out of the app that they use. Only less than 2% of the people do it because they really like the product or they really hate it.
5 stars review is useless as there is no app that is perfect, the dream important target for any app developer is 4.5 stars review. Mahoni buku BSE today reached over 5000+ reviews with 4.5 stars review, which make this app rated EXCELLENT by users.

If the ratio of download vs review above is true, this means 5000/1.8% = 277,777 people has downloaded and/or use Mahoni Buku BSE for Android version. Even though this app is available for iOS and Windows version as well, the biggest download for ebook from statistic shows that PC users are almost 90% of the users, second follow by smartphone users and last from tablet.

There is plenty of room to grow in the next 5 years for mobile users. Santoso Suratso, CEO of said ?Word of mouth has been the greatest advertising from users as we dont spend money on advertising mahoni buku bse, with this ratio, we are confidence we will double, triple and even tenfold our installed base in just short medium term ? this app is a runaway success as platform in customer aquisition in K12 education sector in Indonesia?
Looking back we also do not believe that we can have about 40,000 ebooks downloaded from our server everyday, this is about 200GB of bandwith every single day.

?In preparation for adding various services to education market in Indonesia, we have launched a beta forum for education at ~ at this early stage we are adding job market, tutoring, exams material, and many more. Soon will be the largest education forum in Indonesia as we will drive traffic from our mahoni buku bse with over 1.2 million users now? said Ginting S/COO,CTO

Mahoni buku bse is an excellent platform for any education content provider to partner with as it is currently the most popular in Indonesia.

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