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2016, 11 - 17 Jan - Tempo
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2016, 11 - 17 Jan - Tempo

Melati is a tenacious artist who is a strong advocate of performance art. Her work I am a Ghost in My Own House last year won a place of honor at three foreign art festivals. This particular reflective work is unique, relying greatly on physical endurance. Do you remember the first time when Melati Suryodarmo appeared in the Indonesian art world after having lived for some time in Germany? That was back in 2005. At the Goethe-Institut in Jakarta, she presented a work entitled Exergie-Butter. On the wooden stage at the Goethe-Institut was a large pat of butter. Melati calmly walked onto the stage, her stocky body covered with a tightly fitting black body stocking. She had bright red high-heel shoes on. She then walked onto that spot of slippery butter, immediately slipping and falling. She tried to stand back up, but slipped and fell right back down. She seemingly ?danced? on those sticks of butter. After every slip, slide and fall, she would stand back up.

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