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Today, launching an application who every body need : "Multi Converter+" for IOS

Download from :

Descriptions :

Must-Have App For Your iPhone, Ipad  !! Multi Converter+
This Useful Utilities is Helpful to Convert Any Kind Units in Your Daily Routine

Having difficulty in math or having trouble in converting number of unit? Multi Converter+ is your best SOLUTION

Multi Converter+ is an application that will enable you to convert anything related Common, Electric, Engineering Units : weight, energy, force, length, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature, volume, density and many others for everyday problems.

Download this application will enable us to do the converting work that are updated in times. This application helps you to convert any engineering, electric and any others converter, quickly and easily. Multi Converter+ is an essential tool that you will love and need use everyday.

This app is amazingly versatile and user friendly. Converts dozens of measurements and types and does so easily for those with no mathematical abilities. It makes conversions fluid, understandable and remarkably convenient and easy to input.

User-friendly; an intuitive interface
Converting multiple units simultaneously
Support more than 20 Units : Mass/Weight, Pressure, Power, Length/Distance, Temperature, Time, Volume/Capacity, Area, Angle, Force, Velocity, Energy/Work, Engineering, Angular Velocity, Gas Volume, Acceleration, Angular Acceleration, Inertia, Torque, Specific Volume, Density, Heat Flux Density, Dynamic Viscosity, Kinematic Viscosity, Electric, Thermal Conductivity, Conductance, Conductivity, Inductance, Resistance, Resistivity, Potential, Capacitance, Current, Charge, Linear Charge, Surface Charge, Volume Charge.

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