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Tempo English Version 2018, January 08 - 14
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2018, January 08 - 14 --- Tempo

Democracy in Indonesia seems to be getting messier during the run-up to the simultaneous regional head elections next June. Pragmatism is commanding politics. The energy of all those seeking to compete is being fully expended on lobbying political party chiefs in order to win their candidacy tickets. In essence, this election seems like an opening arena for political interests to compete in ahead of the general election for members of the legislature and the president in 2019. The manoeuvring in the process of nominating candidates to become the governors of West, Central and East Java, as well as of North Sumatra, illustrates these unhealthy practices in current politics. Well-known figures seeking to compete in the elections are fighting each other to gain the support of particular political parties. The party leaders, too, are no less adept at offering, and then withdrawing, their support to serve their own interests. The shadow of the battle ahead in the 2019 presidential election already looms large over these regional elections arena.

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