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Forbes Indonesia Edisi Februari 2018
| February 07, 2018, 04:56:32 PM

February 2018 - Forbes Indonesia

The country's digital "e-conomy" no longer exists only in the real of cyberspace -- it is starting to have a measurable impact on the real economy. The impact of an increasingly "e-conomy" is profound for everyone. It promises dramatic changes in the way everyone lives, works and plays. The two spheres, online and offline, are merging, giving rise to new companies that bring new efficiencies and innovation to the broader economy. Go-Jek is one firm that has done this, giving it unicorn status, and the entrepreneurs presented inside this issue are also prime examples as well. These trends are being made possible by several interlocking developments, such as Telkom?s push to develop digital technologies (covered in last month's issue) along with the spread of smartphones, which offer increasing bandwidth and computing power, along with more laptops, desktops and tablets everywhere. The ability to connect to the Internet improves daily, turning the e-conomy into a widespread reality to power innovation and growth.

To the credit of the current administration, the government has been farsighted in its support in developing the digital sector, as it fully appreciates the tremendous value it brings to national growth. It is not just more and better growth, it also growth that moves Indonesia up the technology ladder -- from high tech to even higher tech. It's clear that the country's entrepreneurs and government officials have taken this lesson to heart and are moving in the right direction.

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