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Tempo English Version 2018, February 12 - 18
| February 13, 2018, 04:51:08 PM

2018, February 12 - 18 --- Tempo

What happened recently in Asmat, Papua, shows that pouring in massive amounts of state funds does not automatically improve the prosperity and health of the people. Many factors lead to distortions, from possible leaks to funds not reaching the right targets. It is as if the poor are only used as a reason to increase funding every year, but they never get to enjoy the benefits. The fact is that many children in Papua's Asmat Regency are suffering from malnutrition and measles. Data gathered by the Tempo Investigation Team as of the beginning of February has revealed that at least 66 children have died from measles and six infants have died of malnutrition. There are 652 people suffering from measles, and 223 malnourished children in the regency.

The spread of measles and nutritional edema indicate poor health services and facilities in the province of Papua. The death toll has skyrocketed. Meanwhile, Papua is given a significant special autonomy budget, partly for funding the Healthy Papua Card. What caused the measles and nutritional edema epidemic in Asmat? Is there corruption in Papua's health budget?

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