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Tempo English Version 2018, September 11 - 17
| September 14, 2018, 09:30:54 AM

2018, September 11 - 17 --- Tempo

There must never again be Indonesian children suffering in Australian adult jails. Hundreds of Indonesian youngsters suspected of involvement in people smuggling to Australia between 2008 and 2013 underwent unsatisfactory legal proceedings. They were imprisoned in maximum security jails -- where some of them were sexually abused. During that period, thousands of people from Afghanistan and countries in the Middle East passed through Indonesia on their way to their final destination of Australia. According to the UNHCR, in 2010, 12,640 people sought asylum in Australia.

This bleak story began with poverty. Underage children were forced to work on fishing boats, as dock laborers or as crew on ships to stay alive. When refugees from conflict nations began to flock to Australia through Indonesian waters to seek asylum, the lives of these children became even harder. They were tempted by high wages offered by ship captains to transport illegal immigrants to Australia. They had to run serious risks: death from being pounded by waves or arrest by Australian security forces.

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