Author Topic: KANISIUS - Dental Plaque: A Biofilm - Regina TC. Tandelilin & Rajiv Saini  (Read 623 times)


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Regina TC. Tandelilin & Rajiv Saini

Dental plaque represents a classic example of both a biofilm and a microbial community, in that it displays emergent properties, i.e. plaque displays properties that are more than the sum of its constituent members. Dental researchers have attempted to understand the microbial nature of oral diseases over that past 120 years. The view of plaque and its constituent microorganisms have shifted from specific plaque hypothesis to a non-specific plaque hypothesis and back again to a theory of specific periodontal pathogens in plaque.

Recently dental researchers have begun to view plaque as a biofilm. Dental biofilm pathogenicity in the oral cavity is magnified by two biofilm characteristics: increased antibiotic resistance and the inability of the community to be phagocytized by host inflammatory cells.

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