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FORBES Indonesia Edisi Januari 2019
| January 11, 2019, 05:00:39 PM

January 2019 - FORBES Indonesia

Every year some time in November, the magazine's editors would get together to choose Businessman of the Year. Several names would be tossed around, dissected and scrutinized based on their year-long record in terms of performance, inspiration, leadership and public coverage. And, most of all, their aura in reflecting the spirit of a nation as it embarks on the long trek towards creating a great and prosperous society. Unfortunately, as ardent followers of what has transpired in our nation in the past year, only a few meet the abovementioned standards and make the grade. In the aftermath of what was admittedly a short exercise, the editors have unanimously chosen Erick Thohir as "Forbes Indonesia's Businessman of the Year 2018".

Last year, Erick was best remembered by the media and the public at large as the person who rose to the occasion and made the 18th Asian Games 2018 in Jakarta and Palembang a resounding success. Racing against time and amidst public scepticism, the Games took place without a hitch and earned much international praise -- it was declared as Asia's most spectacular sports event in recent years. Above all, it raised Indonesian's sense of pride to new and unprecedented heights.

Like most savvy and awe-inspiring leaders, Erick does not shy away from daunting challenges. This time around, however, the chips are somewhat down; politics in this country are often the dirtiest game in town in ways that may make even well-intentioned people cringe. If in 2018 Erick made his mark, time will tell how well he fares this year in an unfamiliar terrain.

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