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TEMPO English Version 2019, February 05 - 11
| February 07, 2019, 04:35:45 PM

2019, February 05 - 11 --- Tempo

When the two presidential candidate camps hastily try to anticipate the number of people who plan to abstain in the 2019 elections, a group known by the Indonesian acronym "golput", they are actually battling themselves. The increase in discussions on social media about golput in the last few weeks is not a transient phenomenon, but the result of more fundamental concerns.

The golput issue has heated up recently as a result of unnecessary blunders by the two candidates. According to social media analyst PoliticaWave, the number of discussions about golput rose drastically after president Joko Widodo announced his plan to release hardline Islamist Abu Bakar Ba'asyir, which was subsequently withdrawn. Meanwhile, Prabowo Subianto dancing at a Christmas party organized by a colleague also led to a group of his supporters discussing abstaining. Therefore, the public has become less and less interested in the presidential election. The result of the first debate between the two presidential candidates on January 17 reinforced this impression.

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