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Indonesia Maps HD for Windows & Windows Phone
| March 20, 2015, 09:05:12 AM
Enjoy the beauty of Indonesia & guide yourself with Indonesia Maps HD

Getting lost in somewhere new is kindly fun, especially in Indonesia, for now you have your own guide over your pocket. Download Indonesia Maps HD and prepare to lose yourself in magnificent archipelago country

Indonesia,is a tropical country that has 33 provinces that spread all over the archipelago. It has also hundreds of islands along the coastal area. Although, most people in the world recognize Bali more than Indonesia itself, it is not deniable that Indonesia is rich and beautiful.

In every uniqueness in culture and nature, Indonesia is welcoming those who prepare to experience the magical journey and explore the whole archipelago and found something new and make friend with the inhabitants.

Indonesia Map is prepared to be your personal map that can be accessed inside your gadget and it can also being printed to be your conventional map.

Furthermore, in this application there will be personal map for Bali, Jakarta, some islands and famous tourism objects in Indonesia. The map is completed by high resolution pictures, zoom in mode and complete details that can be shared online via email or even printed as a conventional map.

Indonesia Map is your flexible personal guide and your trusty travel companion.

Compatible for Windows 8
Completed with High resolution pictures
Zoom in mode is available
Can be shared online
Can be printed
Personal map for Bali, Jakarta and some popular islands in Indonesia is available

Download Indonesia Maps HD for your device with Windows & Windows Phone OS here



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