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Indonesia Paradise
| July 27, 2012, 04:34:08 PM
Indonesia Paradise is an application for iPad that showing 58 pictures of Indonesia sightseeing. These pictures are represent the beauty of Indonesia and slightly described on each pictures.

Indonesia is an exotic country that rich and lives by the diversity in terms of culture, ethnicities and language. By the wealth of Indonesia has in case of that diversity, it can be potentially become a great nation to be introduced in worldwide.

The name of Indonesia derives from the Latin Indus, and the Greek nesos, meaning "island".The name dates to the 18th century, far predating the formation of independent Indonesia. The founding father of Indonesia was Soekarno and Hatta, which were also the first President and vice president of Indonesia. At early begin, Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch for 350 years and continued by Japan for almost 3,5 years. After the struggles, the Indonesian people had their independent on August 17, 1945.

Indonesia has 33 provinces that spread all over the archipelago. With over 238 million people, it is become world's fourth most populous country, and has the world's largest population of Muslims. Indonesia is a republic, with an elected legislature and president. The capital city is Jakarta, which is also become the most crowded and metropolitan city in Indonesia.

Indonesia is an archipelago country, there are big and small islands that included in 33 provinces. In some islands are still un-inhabitant and become the conservative area for forest and endemic flora and fauna. Moreover, Indonesia has around 300 ethnic groups, each with cultural identities developed over centuries, and influenced by Indian, Arabic, Chinese, and European sources.

By those diversities among the people, culture and way of living, make Indonesia become a unique country that rich with culture and customs. Indonesia is also has potential tourism objects that worth to be visited. There are mountains, rivers, beaches, waterfalls, caves and any historical sites in all over the islands. Those tourisms are representing what Indonesia has as the identity of the nation.

Hence, by those richness and abundant of the nation wants to give any contribution relating the Indonesia tourism to the worldwide. as Indonesian developer for mobile application has been releasing the brand new application which has titled Indonesia Paradise.


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Indonesia Travel Application
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