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Testimonials & Commentaries for PSP concept
| October 12, 2012, 08:11:38 AM
Testimonial and Book Review received from PSP practitioner
Rama Yoga, 17 yrs old (in 2011), Gianyar - Bali.

GOAL: To reduce the number of the 31 million poor people in Indonesia, by at least 5 people - "Rama P. Yoga"

In conjunction with the FREE release of the Personal Pillar e-book, there was a quiz with the question "How can I become a strong Personal Pillar to help support our nation Indonesia?"

This is the winning answer, by Rama P. Yoga, 17 yrs old, from Gianyar, BALI:

"In this life we need to have a goal for it to be meaningful. And with that goal, we will appreciate life even more.

My Goal is rather simple = to be successful in many things.

One of my goals is to finish my college degree on time, and with good grades, after which I will get a job with adequate pay, commensurate with my skill and abilities. Once I've done this, I must make sure I don't forget where I came from, and will keep my feet firmly on the ground. I will avoid forgetting my religious connection to God, becoming aloof, forgoing my parents, wasteful spending, etc. One I achieve success, I hope to make the people around me happy, notably my parents.

I will achieve a solid Personal Pillar by doing the following:


I will keep praying regularly, asking for God's help to make my Goal come true. I will practice His teachings while realizing my Goals. I will also routinely do Yoga to help my mind focused towards my Goal, making it easier to accomplish it.


Keep studying diligently, so my coursework can be completed on time with good grades. I do not desire to graduate earlier than the normal four years, nor do I want to be a "permanent student." Nope I don't want either of these. Why? I believe people who graduate early may in fact not be mentally ready to go into the working-world, and will ultimately prevent them from getting maximal results. That is why I will work on making my Personal Pillar solid, by making sure I am mentally ready, taking the right amount of time to learn the necessary right skills in college.


I will grow myself in this respect by socializing in college with friends, being active in organizations within campus, being involved in boy-scout organization, and involving myself in socially-oriented community (for example: Kisara, a community of teens which provide consultation for those having problems), and last but not least, getting involved with members of the surrounding community where I live. These activities are important to allow me to understand others, and solidifying my Personal Pillar socially.

Physical Health

I will ensure the consumption of the right food, with enough vitamin and minerals. I do exercises every morning, practicing Tae Kwan Do, and being active in the Yoga extracurricular club on campus.

In addition, I will ensure the stability of my mental-state and emotions, focusing on my goal while keeping a solid relationship with God. Other steps include working as hard as possible, while maintaining 'honesty is best policy' attitude, appreciating others around me, and avoiding negative thoughts which could hamper my focus and forward-steps.

All the above, if achieved according to my plan, will help our nation Indonesia indirectly. At the very least, I will be able to reduce the number of 31 million poor Indonesians by a factor of 5 people.

Hopefully my success will eventually create working opportunities for poor people in the suburbs. Eventually all the job creations and opportunities will support our nations, by lessening the government's burden, easing the nation's debt, and help advancing Indonesia.

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