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Papyrus Note
| November 14, 2012, 10:35:10 AM
Papyrus Note is an application for note. It can accommodate your idea, in the middle of rush hour during your daily activities.

This application is enable the user to attach the note into email and it can be modify as needed like erase, edit and save. Papyrus is a standard application that being used in iPhone, and it sorts by save data. This will be continually update in times and will be more fun and enjoyable to express your idea, thought and creativity.

For any notes that have been made before is enable to be edited in other time and it can load for more notes that possibly made. This easy way to create note by Papyrus Note application will be counter the day to express any idea into smart words in your iPad. It smart, it simple yet it fast

### We will be having special campaigns throughout this month, PAPYRUS NOTE is FREE download in November 2012, this Application will no free begin at Dec'1 2012, !! ###

Download Papyrus Note now for your iPad & iPhone