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Soup Cooking Recipes for Android
| April 23, 2013, 04:17:54 PM
Everyone agree that soup can warm our body and make our soul feeling comfortable and relax. Talking about soup, it is directly referred to a bowl of vegetable, meat and broth or cream and delicate dressing. Soup is can also be divine as foods that use boiling system. This boiling is already invented since 6000 BC, after the founding of leak-proof container, such as pottery or thick skin animals.

The word soup was coming from the term of Sope or Soupe in France, and it became Sop in English version, which means the bread that dipped in sauce. Looking at the terminology, soup is referring to the bread, not the sauce dipping. Hence, this is also drive the fact that in almost every soup there will be bread as the condiment.

Basically, soup is divided into 2 parts, which is thick soup that using cream, milk or even coconut milk. And, clear soup that using broth, like chicken, seafood and meat broth. As the time goes by, soup has its own creations and modification based on the taste and innovation.

European is like soup in creamy and thick texture and it mostly using bread as condiment. While, Asian is like thin soup and it uses broth for their soup. Moreover, Asian soup is always spicy and rich of ingredients like Tom Yam soup from Thailand which has sour and spicy taste; or Lodeh from Indonesia that use raw jack fruit as main ingredient and use coconut milk for the sauce.

American believe that soup is a natural healer for influenza, and we are agree that soup which made by sincere and love can warming the soul and relaxing mind. This philosophy is like a lovely mother who gives love to the children.

Therefore, this Asian Recipes : 30 Soup Cooking Recipes is dedicated to those who want to serve happiness and warm in the bowl.

Get this application on Google Play and get 30 recipes completed by high resolution pictures and can be accessed from your gadget.

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