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Press Relaese : Hotels In Surabaya
| May 02, 2013, 04:13:57 PM

Surabaya, administratively known as the capital of East Java and popularly becomes the second largest city after Jakarta. By the increase of qualification in every aspect of life, Surabaya nowadays is becomes more concern in tourism, urban planning and cultural heritage. Hence, the effect of those aspects, accommodation is also becomes the main concern.

Therefore, Hotels In Surabaya application is made to be the reference of those who needs information to stay at Surabaya. There are numbers of star hotels and non-star hotels, which is also divided into some area in Surabaya. Moreover, there are also some hotels around Surabaya in other big cities in East Java, like Malang and Batu, which only takes 2 hours drive from Surabaya. This application is very useful to choose the best stay during the trip in Surabaya, which just can accessed by iPhone and iPad. The best part of this application is FREE. How can you wait for not downloading this application

Download now and choose your best stay in Surabaya and surrounding