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FORBES Indonesia Edisi Februari 2019
| February 11, 2019, 05:06:14 PM

February 2019 - FORBES Indonesia

In a world marked by global economic downturn and political violence with no end in sight, our second issue of the year has opted for the high path and aptly celebrates optimism. And perhaps nothing is more gratifying to us today than to see the young (and bold) share that sentiment. This is self-evident in the way 30 Indonesian youngsters -- they are barely 30 years of age -- featured in this issue expressed their faith in the future by achieving what others can perhaps only dream of. They are in their own way potential and real future gamechangers on which the nation rests its fate. And this issue intends to provide readers merely with a glimpse of Indonesian high-achievers in the making.

Today's youth have chosen to take on different challenges. Thanks in no small part to their parents, who have provided them with the basic needs to make it in this world -- education and a strong sense of ethics -- they are obviously in the position to do so. Gone are the days when most youngsters are deprived from decent clothing or wonder where their next meal will come from. Today, to them the name of the game is self-actualization that would benefit them personally as well as society at large.

On another level, this issue celebrates also endurance and perseverance: it is 100th issue of Forbes Indonesia -- no mean feat as most publications today either check out, go online or downsize. If in many ways a publication is a testimony to those who financially and editorially put it together, it is above all a tribute to its loyal readers. Happy reading!

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