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By Santoso Suratso/

I believe building relation with customers are the future of marketing, its gone the time on advertising on newspaper and other printed magazines. Advertising on printed media is very expensive, and it only last for very short term, only one day in the case of newspaper. Printed magazines are also shrinking now as consumers are shifting to digital media such as e-magazine and e-book. So most printed magazines exemplars have actually less now than before, some printed magazines have reduce their circulation by over 50% or more. So companies that spend money on printed magazines must again review whether its still make any sense.

Customers are now well adopting mobile devices such as smartphones and tables, which are very capable of reading e-magz on the go, the processing power of today smartphones are very good for pdf or other graphic files, this is the main reason of the shift.

One tool which is gaining popularity is adoption of newsstand app, more and more companies now launch a mobile app which serve as their distribution center of information such as e-magazine, e-brochures, e-flyers and other informations. Customers can download any up-to-date flyers about product or promotion instantly! As the cost e-delilvery these information is almost free, companies can give back to customers via e-coupons to maintain connection with customers in using the app constantly.

Now it becomes win-win benefit, company can distribute one thousand or one million e-magazine without any increase of costs, customers can access such e-magazine anytime to understand about latest information and as well benefits from various special offers thats up to date.

The more information you have to deliver to your customers, the more effective newsstand app works, for example one light distributor has about 1000 retailers nationwide, it has to prints thousands of price list every month and send them to all retailers. The price list contains ten of thousands of spareparts and component pricings. The distributor also has technical monthly magazine which teaches various ways to use and install the products. On average the distributor spend about US$23,000 per month for executing this, but with newsstand app, now the costs are almost all gone. Its faster and better. During initial stage actually the distributor invested to purchase $100 tablet to be distributed to all retailers for this purpose, and it all work out beautfully. The ROI was about 4 months for this project.

Wether you need to distribute information via magazines, brochures or flyers, there is a new tool that you can benefit from, its mobile newsstand app. Company can establish direct relationship with its customers and be more effective in delivering information anytime, anywhere and always up to date.
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