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Forbes Indonesia Edisi Januari 2018
| January 08, 2018, 04:31:17 PM

January 2018 - Forbes Indonesia

This month's issue celebrates the annual businessman of the year. This year the choice was somewhat outside the box: Alex J. Sinaga, chief executive officer and president director of Telkom. The difference from previous years is that Alex is the first businessman who heads a state-owned firm, rather than an individual from the private sector. Yet, the award's name is businessman of the year, and Alex definitely fits the description well. He has driven revenues, profits and Telkom's stock price higher during his six years, first as the boss of Telkomsel and then as the boss of Telkom. He has done this in the midst of enormous, and rapid, change and disruption in technology, even while Indonesia's economy itself continues to grow and evolve. He does all this, driven by a single, clear mission -- for Telkom to be what he calls the "King of Digital" in the country.

Indonesia has actually been on the forefront of many new technologies, usually becoming one of the early adopters of many new digital ventures. It's a well-known fact that Indonesia has one of the largest Facebook communities. Indonesians are switching en masse to smartphones, and tapping into the Internet from mobile devices. Telkom can be and should be an enabler to put Indonesia front and center of new technologies, which can provide multiple opportunities for entrepreneurs, companies and, by extension, the economy. It's hard to overstate the importance of good telcom infrastructure in national development.

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