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Tiu Kelep Waterfall For The Optional Tourism Object in East Lombok

Indonesia has been reintroduced by the nuances of tourism objects waterfalls of East Lombok, named Tiu Kelep waterfall. Tiu Kelep waterfall has a height of 42 meters and stratified. The water is quite heavy and big with a pool that formed underneath is not so in only waist adults. Also the bottom of the pool that is soft and flat allows visitors can swim. Also according to the myths that circulate in waterfall shower if this will lead to eternal youth.

In Sasak language which is the local language used by people, Tiu means the pool, while Kelep means fly. It can be means of the pool where the water bubbles floating. At certain moments, the floating water droplets led to a rainbow at the end of the waterfall.

This waterfall is located in the area of ​​Mount Rinjani National Park with source water comes from Lake Segara Anak on the top of Mount Rinjani. Located on the north side at the foot of Mount Rinjani. Which is also part of a climbing lane. Administratively, Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep in the village of Senaru, approximately 2.5 hours drive from the city of Mataram. Given the distance is far enough, it is recommended that you use a personal vehicle for travel to visit this amazing waterfall.

Waterfall Tiu Kelep is above Sendang Gile. Flow Waterfall Sendang Gile itself flows through the 30 meter high cliff. The cliffs are both running water stratified, and covered by green foliage and spikes tumuhan. Well, the flow of the waterfalls converge and pass through a grove -covered cliff that makes the surrounding area covered in a fine mist. Occasionally you 'll see a rainbow arches near the waterfall. The flow of water from the Niagara Tiu Kelep then flows into Sendang Gile.

Along the road leading to the waterfall, you will be presented with a view of the protected forests are dense. This forest is part of the Mount Rinjani National Park. The majority of flora that grows in this area is a tropical plant. As Bajur tree ( Pterocarpus sp. ), Tree Ipil ( Insia biyuga ), Tree Sentul ( Sondarium ), and teak ( Tektona grandis ). Despite the dense and lush, you do not have to worry about getting lost. Because the road to Sendang Gile very clear. But if you are in doubt, you can ask a local guide to show the way to Air Terjun Sendang Gile.

Your adventure will be perfect when it arrives at the site of Niagara Tiu Kelep. The waterfall is quite high, which is about 45 meters. The flow is fairly large and heavy pounding raises big enough. If you do not want to get wet, you should wear your waterproof jacket. Not far from there, you can see a large tree growing on the cliff face.

According to local villagers, the name is taken from the Kelep Tiu Sasak language means " Swimming Fly ". While the name is taken from the Spring Gile local legend. The legend tells of a prince who is being chased by a lion mad. The prince then hid behind the waterfall to avoid pursuit lions. Finally, the waterfall is named Spring Gile. The second waterfall is believed to cure various diseases, as well as making look younger. The local community also believe that the flow of the waterfall would be even greater if the people around him to speak louder.