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The Biggest Archipelago Is Now Handy
| August 07, 2012, 11:31:00 AM
Indonesia,is  a tropical country that has 33 provinces that spread all over the archipelago. It has also hundreds of islands along the coastal area.

For those who are recognize Bali as the main destination, will better prepare the backpack to go to Indonesia and explore the whole archipelago and found the uniqueness inside the indigenous.

Do not afraid of being lose due to your vacation, for there will be private companion that set to guide you and show the right way during your trip. Indonesia Maps HD application is prepared to be your personal map that can be accessed in your iPad and iPhone and it can also be printed to be your conventional map.

Furthermore, in Indonesia Maps HD there is map of Bali, Jakarta, some islands and famous tourism objects in Indonesia. The map is also completed by high resolution pictures, Zoom In mode and complete details, that can be shared on line via email and social network or even printed. This application will be continuously updated during times, both in case of programing or the maps in real condition. 

Indonesia Map is your flexible personal guide and your trusty travel companion.
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