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TEMPO English Version 2019, February 19 - 25
| February 21, 2019, 04:50:32 PM

2019, February 19 - 25 --- Tempo

It is inappropriate that the Indonesian Military (TNI) is allowing their headquarters to become a dumping place for hazardous and toxic wastes. Dumped and left to fester without prior treatment, the industrial wastes are polluting the environment and is a public threat to the health of residents in the vicinity, including the occupants of the self-same headquarters.

Laboratory tests conducted by a Tempo investigation team concluded the hazardous wastes contain fly ash, bottom ash, carbon, and heavy metal waste. Wilmar Nabati Indonesia, a company based in Gresik, is one of the suppliers of the toxic waste. It is regrettable the Airforce is feigning ignorance about the toxic wastes being dumped in their grounds. The claim of the Airforce Chief of Information, that the wastes they are accommodating are safe and of no threat to human health, should be viewed with suspicion. Blaming occupants for taking up residence on Airforce land is also misplaced. Regardless about the legality of ownership of certain plots of land, the fact remains, the hazardous wastes are damaging the environment and causing distress to residents in the vicinity.

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