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Travel To East Java Application for Windows
| June 17, 2014, 01:39:48 PM
Welcome To East Java

Here where you can find shower of sunshine pouring down blissfully, lying down on the white sand beach, dancing with ethnic and traditional music while mingling with the humble heart of the indigenous.

To guide you personally along the vacation, Travel To East Java Application is available on your Windows Store NOW.

East Java is located only half an hour flight from Bali Island. There are bunch of interesting places that can be discover during your vacation; the humble people to meet, the beautiful beaches, the magnificent hills and mountains, the sacred lake and caves, the phenomenal waterfalls and the historical sites in some of the area.
For those who are interesting to historical site and ancient heritage, East Java has many things related to those issue. For instance, the ancient heritages of Majapahit, one of the biggest kingdom in Southeast Asia, are found here. Visit the sacred temples, the ruin of kingdoms, statues and inscriptions that might be found.

To pamper your adrenalin rush, there are a lot of mountains that ready to be conquered in East Java. Let say Bromo Mountain, the most visited and popular mountain in East Java, is become the most destination that always been visited every year. The visitors are craving to wait the sunrise pop up over the edge of Bromo crater and experience the magnificent moment at dawn.

Download Travel To East Java Application to show you the mountain, the beach, the waterfalls or the handicraft stores.

Travel To East Java application, is the application to show the glance of East Java tourism and can be free downloaded in Windows Store. Inside the application there are descriptions about the tourism destination, the pictures related, the general information about accommodation, how to get there or else. It's all complete into your application.

Get it now and prepare your back pack to Travel To East Java


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Screenshot Travel To East Java Application for Windows
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Screenshot Travel To East Java Application for Windows


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