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BoardPAC is the solution for companies in their meeting through a collaborative approach and when the important decision is needed. This application is the effective way to access the supplementary information directly on iPad device. Through this digital board, the directors and executives conduct meeting digitally and access meeting documents in a secure and simple way.

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BoardPAC helps to reduce the time and resources spent on meeting and document management. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Quicker board material creation and distribution
  • Improved quality control of distributed documents
  • Increased security and monitoring of information
  • Improved governance
  • More efficient communication amongst members
  • Instant availability of information


You don't need to bring many documents or preparing board meeting. Meeting documents and feedback are easier access and achieving now! Use BoardPAC means paperless!

The BoardPAC portal enables members of a board to use iPads to instantly access sensitive board documents, including minutes, agendas, financial statements, and archived information provided by company secretaries and other administrators.


Encryption Data is contained within the app in an encrypted format, preventing outside access, transfer, printing or deletion. Full encryption of your data with all communication with the server HTTPS. This is secure data transmission which needed by many companies. View all contents that are allowed. Users are only able to view the meetings and agenda to which they are invited.

BoardPAC has fully secure offline access which allows offline use for a set number of days or number of access attempts. It also conforms to corporate password policy guidelines. ISO270001 Certified with the highest security management processes implemented.


All the features of BoardPAC are meant for collaboration, quick decision making and easy feedback on meeting documents.

What's on BoardPAC?

  • View current meeting content, agenda and comments online
  • Instant access to past meeting documents
  • Instant updates and feedback-sharing
  • Calendar schedule meetings with ease
  • Easy annotation and approval of private notes, papers and seculars
  • Versioning for errors and amendments in meeting papers
  • Offline access on the move
  • Digital signature
  • Notification alerts when new papers are loaded

The Most Who Get Benefits From BoardPAC Are:

  • Members and Committees of a meeting
    BoardPAC also offers benefits to meeting members, since it includes a whole range of functionalities directors can use to dynamically view and edit content, prior to their meeting. Members of a meeting are able to access meeting documents and supplementary information directly on their iPad device. All comments and feedback are available for view by the recipient stakeholders.
  • Company secretaries and meeting organisers
    An effective Company Secretary of meeting organizer requires an automated solution to manage and organize a productive meeting. Without automation, below are some problems commonly faced that are time & energy consuming:
    • Non-secured distribution of papers and circulars.
    • Non-versioning, documents tagging, update tracking.
    • No organised commenting-chaos with multiple correspondence from multi-users.

Secretarial staff also have a huge amount of control over amends and additions as a BoardPAC allows them to simply update the information at the iPad, rather than recreate and resend paper board packs.

For more information on how board portal software such as BoardPad 2 can benefit your company, please contact us to schedule a demonstration.

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