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Popular by Dompet Dhuafah Republika, it is a nonprofit institution that aimed to benefit all the people of Indonesia with a mission to raise social and human dignity for the orphans. Dompet Dhuafah Republika has a program called ZISWAF that it Zakat, Infaq, Sadaqah, Fakaw and other funds for the lawful and legal interests of many parties.
With the application of this iZakat, Dompet Dhuafah Republikat agency want to make it easier to tithe, through digital media iPad or iPhone. This application aims to inform the public about the activities of a charity that empowering social, economic, relief and advocacy. In addition, with this application, the agency wants to give good learning to the community, especially the Muslims to tithe and fulfill the good faith doctrine. iZakat application can be downloaded for free via the iPad and iPhone, where there are features that show almost all activitiesDompet Dhuafah Republika and internal magazine by the name of Swara Cinta can also download it for free.

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