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50 Resep Nasi Goreng by Mahoni.Com

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50 Resep Nasi Goreng is the first book that had been launch by Mahoni.com. This application is an e-book which about 50 fried rice recipes that have been published for Indonesian market. It uses Bahasa Indonesia and there are two versions that can be get; the lite version and paid version in Apps Store.

Nasi goreng or frid rice, as we know, become the anytime-menu that having variants in its recipes. 50 Resep Nasi Goreng is a guide for those who want to make fried rice in different taste and different appearance.

50 Resep Nasi Goreng is also delivering the pictures on every menus that already been tested before posted. The pictures are all in high resolution and capable for iPad and iPhone user.

At early launched which was on April 2011, the selling was quite wonderful for it had been stay in second rank after Angry Bird Rio game. By this application, Mahoni.com is being challenge to make something bigger and and willing to be a media for those who want to make any masterpiece to sell, it can be e-book or applications.

This application was born based on a lady’s hobby. This lady, who likes to cook wants to deliver her ability in the form of book to those who want to learn cooking. She has some obstacles to make her dream come true for publishing in printed is not that easy to make.

Hence, she came and joins us to accomm

odate her ideas by publishing her work into e-book. Fortunately, by selling the ‘book’ in App Store is amazingly give her advantages. It can be shown, that the result selling is good, both in Lite version and in Paid version. Moreover, the appreciations from the downloaders are also good. It proves that this method to sell a ‘book’ is better than in printed publishing, for it easier and affordable.

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