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Everyone deserves sunshine.

Imagine you and your personal luggage traveling to tropical country with the shower of sunshine pouring down blissfully, lying down on the white sand beach, dancing with ethnic and traditional music while mingling with the humble heart of the indigenous.

East Java, is the right place to go.

East Java is located only half an hour flight from Bali Island. There are bunch of interesting places that can be discover during your vacation; the humble people to meet, the beautiful beaches, the magnificent hills and mountains, the sacred lake and caves, the fenomenal waterfall and the historical sites in some of the area.
For those who are intersting to historical site and ancient hetitage, East Java has many things related to those issue. For instance, the ancient heritages of Majapahit, one of the biggest kingdom in Southeast Asia, are found here. Visit the sacred temples, the ruin of kingdoms, statues and inscriptions that might be found.
To pamper your adrenalin rush, there are a lot of mountains that ready to be conquered in East Java. Let say Bromo Mountain, the most visited and popular mountain in East Java, is become the most destination that always been visited every year. The visitors are craving to wait the sunrise pop up over the edge of Bromo crater and experience the magnificent moment at dawn.

Another popular destination from mountain sightseeing is Ijen mountain. Where there is the turquois Crater Lake at the center of the mountain. The visitors can see the activity of the local inhabitant picking up the sulfur around the crater and enjoy the freshness of the mountain air.

As a part of tropical country, East Java has many beautiful things inside the growing metropolitan city. Other particular tourism in East Java is taken from the agro tourisms, like tea and coffee plantation, the orchid cultivation, the field of mangoes, avocado and other tropical plants.

Don’t worry about having something to eat, for East Java has various names for traditional foods. There are famous East Java’s traditional foods that already popular in part of Indonesia area, even in Asia and abroad. Let say, Nasi Goreng and Rendang that being said to be the most delicious dish in 2011. There is also Soto, Rawon, Rujak, Pecel and many more.

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