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East Java is located only half an hour flight from Bali Island. There are bunch of interesting places that can be discover during your vacation; the humble people to meet, the beautiful beaches, the magnificent hills and mountains, the sacred lake and caves, the phenomenal waterfall and the historical sites in some of the area.

For those who are interesting to historical site and ancient heritage, East Java has many things related to those issues. For instance, the ancient heritages of Majapahit, one of the biggest kingdoms in Southeast Asia, are found here. Visit the sacred temples, the ruin of kingdoms, statues and inscriptions that might be found.

Travel To East Java application, is a personal guide book that can guide you to see everything in East Java. By downloading this application, tourists can completely see the details tourism in 8 segments, which are beaches, cultures, waterfalls, temples, handicrafts and diversities among the region. After we enter one of those segments, there are ten photos to support the details. That is why, by having this application, it can answer the doubts and it gives clear detail of East Java's in particular.

It is amazing to see the numbers of pictures that show the destinations in East Java. The pictures posted are also professional pictures with high definition and taken by a professional. This application is also interesting to be explored, because it has beautiful pictures, complete descriptions and followed by traditional Javanese instrument. Furthermore, to support the effectiveness of this promotion, the application is using English on each detail info. This will enable the viewers from abroad to access the details information about each destination.

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