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My Personal Pillar is based on the ideology, one person = one pillar. If you take care of your pillar, it will take care of you. Each person's unique pillar has four sides that needs to be of the same height,and balanced, in order to support that individual's Life Goal.

The four sides of everyone's pillar are:Spiritual,Intellectual,Social andPhysical

To build a solid pillar, there must be a solid foundation, and, the only way to achieve this is via the Mind-Body-Action! a.k.a. Mindytion! philosophy.

But, if you want to be SURE and really get what you want, and, can MAINTAIN it for the long-run, you need to commit to a course of ACTION. Action, and the Single Balanced Pillar concept serving as a road map, will definitely help you reach you goal.

Without realizing what kind of personal pillar you have right now, you may not know what you need to start working on. For example, if you want to have a happy family, you cannot be socially strong, but intellectually weak, and physically unwell. Likewise, being intellectually strong but spiritually and physically weak may not do much for your long-term well-being.

Whatever your goal in life, having a balanced pillar will help you reach and support your goal.

Now, the question is: How balanced is YOUR Pillar?

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